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The BUH TEST LTD manufactures and sells abrasive belts such as:

Ceramic - ceramic grain is characterized by its high efficiency. It is primarily designed for machining extremely demanding and hard materials. They are used for grinding stainless steel, tool steel and titanium. It can be used for dry work (cotton substrate) or wet (polyester substrate).

Zirconium - Zirconium grain belts are used for grinding stainless steel, for machining castings and calibrating pipes. They may have a cotton substrate (for dry or polyester work (for work with the use of cooling liquids). Zirconium grain is very efficient.

ElectrocorundsThis is a universal abrasive material for metal and wood, as well as for stainless steel. The abrasive surface is formed by the embankment of precious alumina. It is one of the most popular types of endless abrasive belts.

Compact - A compact, long-life compact grain is used in compact abrasive belts. There are usually two types of grain, for example aluminum oxide (for carbon steel, stainless, hard non-ferrous metals) or silicon carbide (for titanium alloys, carbon steel, cast steel, castings). These belts are used mainly on grinding machines with constant grinding parameters.

Silicon carbide - abrasive belts with black silicon carbide are used for grinding iron alloys with carbon, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. But above all, they are used for processing ceramic materials, glass, granite as well as marble and precious stones.

Abrasive Nonwoven - Non-woven abrasive belts are used to prepare or clean the surface of all metals. Their use depends on the basis weight of the nonwovens used. With their help, you can also remove small surface defects, rust and discoloration.

Felt / polishing belts - Felt belts are used for cleaning and polishing metals. Due to the delicate structure of the felt itself, it is placed on a linen foundation. Felt belts do not have abrasive properties, but they serve as a carrier for polishing pastes thanks to which a proper polishing effect is obtained.

Machine abrasive paper - Endless belts from paper differ that the backing / carrier has been used in machine paper. The advantages are antistatic properties, which cause that the abrasive surface does not clog so quickly with the dust produced during grinding. Abrasive belts made of machine paper are used for grinding wood and other materials.

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